Customise Multi-Process Cold Forging

JSK is an experienced cold forging manufacturer in Taiwan. It has various size of multi-process cold forging machines and a dedicated mold department which specialized from mold design till product development, in order to fulfil customers customized needs and pursue higher innovation and breakthroughs, in addition to provide better quality. This is the beliefs and inheritance of JSK.


From Mold Design & Development To Product Manufacturing

Pursue better technology and provide it to customers, shorten the time and cost for customers, set up an exclusive mold department, in response to the different needs of customers, committed to breakthroughs and innovations in mold and forging technology, JSK will provide the best quality control for your needs.

JSK Equipment Introduction

Customized multi-process cold forging
One-stop production development
Automobile Fastener Production
Strict Quality Control
Various Hand Tool Sleeves

Every second we are pioneering, pursuing breakthroughs and innovations, in order to provide better products and quality. This is JSK consistent beliefs and inheritance.

In conjunction with customer’s customized needs, JSK has introduced multi-process cold forging machines that can forge various sizes and set up an exclusive mold department. The department is committed in researching and developing new products and achieve a one-stop production model, from mold manufacturing development to production, which will shorten the time for customers.

Provide more stable products to customers

Our Products

Our Products

  • Material available: steel/aluminum/50BV30/6150/S2…
  • Producible size: maximum outer diameter 30mm, longest length 300mm
  • Sales methods include customer orders, OEM, domestic sales, and export sales.

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JSK is very rigorous on the product quality, which will be able to provide the best quality control for your needs.

Passed ISO 9001:2015 certification

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